Jiang Cari

“认识世界 体会世界 分享世界 让未来看见曙光
Knowing about our world –  Experiencing and sharing our world. Seeing the bright lights of our future.”

界就在脚下,最重要是你迈出的第一步。 我来自中国,他们都叫我小鱼。第一次接触到中外文化交流是我在十年前念大学的时候,那时的我对不同的文化充满了浓厚的兴趣。毕业后我到苏州工作,在那里我参加了一些针对特殊小朋友的康复义工活动。每周我都会与那些孩子们打交道,看他们成长从他们的言行举止一点点的变化深感教育与文化的重要性,在他们初期的阶段饱受外界环境的影响,后来我和我狗狗哈利环球骑行去到了许多许多的地方,见证了不同文化对孩子们的成长意义,一朝一夕潜移默化都在影响着未来。我想中国孩子的未来应只朝向某一方面的发展,比财富更重要的是教育与对价值趋向及人生的理念。所以我加入了纽带(Aventuro)国际青少年生活互换计划项目 ,见证孩子们的伟大冒险与成长蜕变,让我们的未来看见曙光

Jiang Cari

The world is under our feet but the first step is very important. I’m Cari from China,  I first knew about cultural exchanges when I was a university student 10 years ago. Since then I am very interested in different cultures. I studied “Computer Application” in college and since graduation I have been working in Suzhou near Shanghai  as an assistant general manager in a ships’ service natural gas company. I also work on a voluntary basis in a rehabilitation center for deaf and mute children in China every weekend. I watch these children grow,  consciousness of the change. It goes without saying that education is important. I hope we can see the bright lights in our future, so I hope Aventuro can help many children grow healthy and strong.


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