About us

Aventuro is a global network consisting of the two non-profit associations Aventuro Germany and Aventuro Spain (Aventuro – Verein für Familienaustausch in Berlin and Aventuro Intercambios en Familia in Madrid) and participating countries: France, Ireland, China, UK, Canadá, USA and Italy.

The members of the Aventuro Network are parents of children who have participated and succeeded in International Reciprocal Exchange Programs.

What we do

  • We organize tailormade Reciprocal Exchanges in Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, China, UK, Canadá, USA and Italy for families who are willing to open their home to an international experience.
  • We aim our cultural and linguistic exchange program to children and teenagers between 8 and 17 years.
  • We screen families, prepare and support them throughout the exchange period

Our Mission

To give full support to families with our expertise and personal commitment on the basis of our more than 30 years of experience of International Reciprocal Exchanges.

What is an Aventuro experience?

  • Two children, two families, one friendship for life.
  • Exciting international adventure in a safe environment.
  • An International Reciprocal Exchange for up to 6 months on both sides.

Our Believes and Values

  • International Reciprocal Exchanges are not just about languages.
  • Cultural Reciprocal International Exchanges are enriching and lifechanging for the whole family.
  • Income, intellectual or academic ability, health conditions are not taken into consideration.
  • Every child and every familiy open and motivated for this idea can do it.

What is an Aventuro Family?

  • A family who is curious about the world and its cultures.
  • A family who is not stuck on learning just a language.
  • A family who can “adopt“ an International child as their own child.
  • A family who can be flexible enough to accept the challenge of letting go their own child to live the adventure in another country in another family.
  • A family who can be flexible enough to understand and accept the differences between cultures and ways of doing.

Come and have an amazing adventure while learning about culture and language that will give you a lifelong family, friends and memories!