About us

Aventuro is a non-profit organization headquartered in Berlin. Our members all are parents of children who have already participated in international exchange programs.

What We Do

Aventuro specialises in reciprocal exchanges in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Ireland, U.K., USA and China for families who are willing to open their home to a foreign child.

Our mission is to sup­port fam­i­lies with our years of experience in reciprocal exchanges.

We believe that a cul­tural exchange can be enrich­ing and life-changing. Come and have an amazing adventure while learning about culture and language that will give you a lifelong family, friends and memories!

One major focus in our work is a thorough screening and matching of families / students

We organize meetings for interested families in all countries twice a year and we would be happy to meet you there! We are looking forward to you daring to adventure with us