Tête à tête with Oscar – Sigena in Ireland

An Aventuro reciprocal family exchange is much more than learning a new language. Sigena is experiencing Irish life from within the safe and warm embrace of an Irish family’s life. School life, excursions, playtime, early spring, beautiful nature, new siblings and parents  … and of course culture. Today she had a tête à tête with the great Irish poet Oscar Wilde and also got an insight in the life of an equally famous poet, William Butler Yeats.

Ashleigh, her Irish “sister-in-exchange” is already looking forward to her experience in Germany, in Sigena’s family. On both sides of the exchange, the girls are totally immersed in their new environment, with plenty of opportunity to soak up and practice the language. The two teenagers are naturally growing together and are thus knitting on a hopefully lifelong relationship.