Rebecca & Naia in Irland

While Miriam is enjoying her time in Ingolstadt with her sister-in-exchange Hermance, her natural triplet sister Rebecca is discovering Ireland with her sister-in-exchange Naia.

Naia had a fantastic time in Ingolstadt and now Rebecca is getting to do fun things in Ireland, despite the restrictions that are imposed on them due to the virus. At least Rebecca got to get a climpse of school life in Ireland and was proud to wear the school uniform. It looks like it will not be needed for a while! 🙁 but the family is making the best of the situation and are discovering how creative they can be (baking, having fun wearing silly clothes, more baking, helping the Irish Easter Bunny) and thankfully there is a birthday to celebrate. There is lots more on their brainstorming list of how to use the extra time sensibly and to have fun at the same time.