Come and join our AVENTURO family!

Remember Ines, our Spanish Aventuro girl ? She is the first child to cross the mountains and rivers to come to China to do an international exchange, she and her Chinese exchange sister Weijia opened the door to China and Spain, everything is so wonderful because they have opened the chapter of history. This summer, they got together again, and Ines returned to China, and this time all her Spanish family came, Everything seemed so familiar and friendly, for there were her Chinese family and relatives, and for a month they went to the north and south of China’s great rivers to learn more about the land beneath them.

We are very happy to see that there are more Chinese families exchanging with their foreign counterparts, and they  care for each other just like family members, As I said before, the exchange of children’s lives may be over, but his or her feelings will not end, and in the long years to come, they may be in constant contact with each other and caring and encouraging. Many parents say: “It never occurred to me that I would have a son or daughter of a different color from another country, When our exchange child came to our house,  we were even a little nervous and we didn’t know how to be a good parent.” They found out later that they gradually got used to living with their new child, day by day the new child became part of their family more.  When the child returned home, they always felt as if something was missing, and each time they could not help looking at the map, the world did not seem so far away as before, for on the other side of the sea there was an extra care and blessing.

Maybe what we’re doing is bringing more families together, across the borders, we’re just the rainbow link between the two families:) I believe there’s a kind of destiny between the two families, Many people might think that we can work like on an assembly line and quickly produce new exchanges.  I think we can not do it and do not want to do that, because the fate and feelings are not replicable. I say thank you for your support to all the families in China that represent AVENTURO China.  I hope you will spread this love to more families and hope that fate will befall them. We look forward to the upcoming autumn national family meetings that will link the countries of the world. Come and join our AVENTURO family!

Cari, representative for Aventuro China


还记得Aventuro纽带国际的西班牙女孩Ines吗?她是第一位跨越千山万水来到中国交换的纽带国际的孩子,她与她的中国交换姐妹唯嘉一起打开了中国与西班牙的大门,一切都那么的美妙因为她们开辟了历史的篇章。 今年的夏天,她们也再度相聚,Ines回到中国,这次她的西班牙家人全都来了 ,眼前的一切好像都那么熟悉与亲切,因为这里有她中国的家人和亲戚,一个月的时间她们去到了中国的大江南北,了解和懂得了更多脚下的这片土地。我们非常开心的看到,有更多的中国家庭与他们外国交换家庭,就像亲人一样的彼此关怀与照顾,就像之前所说的,也许孩子们的交换生活结束了,但他/她们的情感不会结束,再往后的漫长人生岁月里,也许他/她们会时常保持联系彼此关怀与鼓励。就像很多家长说道,从前从来没想过自己会有一个来自异域他乡不同肤色的儿子或者女儿,他/她来到我们的家的时候,自己甚至还会有些紧张,不知道怎么去做好他/她的父母,后面慢慢的发现自然而然的就习惯了,习惯了多了一个孩子在眼前的生活,当孩子回国了他们总觉得仿佛少了些什么,每次情不自禁看地图时候,世界仿佛不像从前那么的遥不可及,因为在海的那边多了一份牵挂和祝福,也许我们做的是让更多的家庭融入到了一起,我们只是两家人之间的那一条彩虹纽带: )我相信两个家庭之间,冥冥中就是有一种缘分的,很多人会认为这我们工作是不是可以流水线快速的去生产,我想我们做不到也不愿意那样去做,因为缘分和感情是不可复制和生产的,感谢纽带中国的所有的家庭的支持,希望大家把这份爱传播到更多的家庭,也希望缘分降临到他们身上,期待接下来的纽带国际各国的秋季国家 家庭会议的召开,届时欢迎各位感兴趣的家庭前来参加: )