Aventuro in beautiful Ireland – with Emma, Paula and Ciara

Emma and Paula (Nürnberg, Germany) are no beginners when it comes to exchanges. The twins have  participated in our reciprocal exchange program twice, both girls have successfully completed exchanges in Spain and France, individually and separately, and are thus fluent in Spanish and French. They are now happy to experience Irish life with their Irish sister-in-exchange Ciara.

“They went to Dublin on Friday last and stayed with a good friend of the family. They ate at their favourite restaurant in Skerries, a town on the East coast just north of Dublin. On Saturday they went into Dublin and took the open top bus tour. They returned home on Sunday. Had a family party for the Basque cousins who were visiting the family. Emma and Paula were able to speak Spanish with them. Cousin Zaloa said they speak excellent Spanish, just like they speak English! Ger brought them to the Burren in County Clare yesterday and they are staying in Liscannor for 2 nights. Today they are sailing to Iniss Oirr, one of the Aran Islands. They are enjoying the Atlantic ocean.”

In short: Having a great life! 🙂

In September, it will be Ciara’s turn to live the Aventuro experience with her German sisters in Nürnberg.