ATTENTION: An Aventuro exchange is contagious!



















An exchange is just the beginning.

The beginning of a relationship with another family, with us, Aventuro, but also the beginning of a life as an Aventuro family who in most cases will continue doing exchanges. Children who do their first exchange before they are 10 can easily manage 3 exchanges in their school life. And most children who did an exchange, want to do another one or possibly two.

 Anna and her family who live in the Black Forest Germany are an example of a family who has been connected with us for some years now.

In 2014, Anna wanted to do an exchange in a country where English was spoken. It took some time to find a good match, so while she waited, the family decided to welcome Esther from France who was 12 at the time. Later, in 2015, we found a family in Ireland for Anna and she did a 6 months’ exchange with Edel (who then went on to do another exchange in France and later spent one year in Tanzania).

in 2016, instead of Anna, her younger sister Maria decided to spend 6 months in Esther’s family, because Esther happened to have a younger sister Klervie, same age as Maria.

Also, Anna’s brother Johannes got infected with the Aventuro virus. In 2016 he exchanged with Jean-Baptiste in France. 

In 2018, Maria welcomed her French sister Klervie for 6 months. 

This summer, Johannes did a work experience of one month in Ireland where he was well looked after by Sinéad, our team member in Ireland.

At this very moment, Anna’s youngest brother Elias is in an exchange with Jonathan in Ireland (whose sister Hannah has just returned from her third exchange (Germany, Spain and lately China). 

And of course they all go back and forth for holidays!

This summer, Anna and Maria went to visit Esther and Klervie and their French family. Maria came to spend some time in Germany.