An Aventuro thriller – with Happy End!












8 year old LiuBei Pan and her family attended our Aventuro family meeting in Shenzhen this April and it convinced them to want to do an exchange with a German family. Aventuro found the Matthes family who was happy to welcome Jessica. The family happened to host an exchange student (Yichen, a 16 year old girl) from Shenzhen last year,and their own daughter Angelina was going to spend the summer holidays at Yichen’s home in Shenzhen.  The plan was that Angie and Jessica could fly together from Hongkong to Frankfurt on 14 August 2019. Provided that Jessica could get the visa in time!

The visa process was started.  Many authorities, telephone calls, e-mails were exchanged (a nerve-wracking process!)  But 12 hours!!! before the scheduled departure, Jessica got her visa! This cleared the way for the flight to Germany – and still the worries continued because of a very disrupted flight schedule due to the riots at Hong Kong Airport. Until the last minute it was not safe to say they could fly.

Finally all went well, Angie and Jessica landed in Germany at Frankfurt Airport without further problems. Now Jessica is happy to start her five months’ stay in Germany with her host family with her four host siblings. In a few days, her sister Angie will start her own adventure in Ireland with Aventuro.