Madrid meets Waiblingen – Gonzalo & Lukas

Gonzalo is collecting families. He has already spent 6 months in France (and his French brother another 6 with him in Spain). It was a picturebook-perfect exchange for everyone concerned that has whet Gonzalo’s appetite for yet another cultural immersion experience.

So this past Monday, his Spanish family accompanied him to his new German family in Waiblingen who was very eager to welcome him. Lukas had been briefed to look after Gonzalo, to help him adjust, to spend time with him. And Lukas is taking his job very seriously: he is doing everything he can to make this transition period easy for Gonzalo, introducing him to his life, playing games, walking the dog …

Of course, Lukas is not alone in this. He is supported by his parents (Gonzalo describes them as “super nice, friendly, welcoming, fun”) and Sarah, the dog. A pet in a family is a real asset in any exchange! 🙂

All these efforts are wisely invested since Lukas will benefit from the same treatment when it’s his turn to experience the Spanish way of life with Gonzalo in Madrid.

We have the very strong feeling that Gonzalo’s second exchange is going to be another success story! And who knows where this will take us.






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