Our adventurers are not up for adoption :)

We are thankful and are feeling blessed with exceptional exchanges. Exceptional in that the two exchange siblings get on really well from the start, settle in their new environment smoothly and manage to make themselves appreciated by everyone around them – family, school, friends.

Quentin and Maurice are one of those. This is the second part of their 3 + 3 months’ exchange, now in Ireland.

 Quentin: “I just want to say that an exchange is a huge experience and you get so many different views of a different life in a different country and you learn the language so much better than in a school. I would encourage everybody to make an exchange. Thank you very much for your help with all.”

Quentin’s Irish mom: “He’s getting on great.
He’s speaking lots of English… he’s learnt how to water-ski.. he’s playing his oboe and he goes to master classes… I think we’ll adopt him ” 😊

Great kids, great families!